Clear the Air, Clear Your Allergies

If you have chronic seasonal allergies, you can feel the change in the air as soon as it happens. Purchasing an air purifier is a great way to improve your home’s air quality and eliminate allergies during colder months.

Clear the Air, Clear Your Allergies

The intensity of airborne allergy symptoms can fluctuate throughout the day.

Your immune system responds to what it views as a danger and gives allergic reactions to common allergens. Many people feel their indoor allergies worse at night because our bodies produce fewer hormones that control allergies. The best way to reduce the risk of getting an allergy is to install an air purifier in the “sleep breathing zone” that helps to eliminate pollen and other allergens.

Your allergies can get worse because of where you live.

You can’t always change where you live, but you can take care of your environment by allergens like pollen. If you have allergies throughout the year or just in the summer and spring, improving the air in your home is always best for your health, especially for allergy symptoms.

Your allergies can get worse because of where you live.​
The powerful destructuring capabilities of PECO can safeguard the air within your home.

The powerful destructuring capabilities of PECO can safeguard the air within your home.

Insects, mold, allergens, dust mites, and volatile organic compounds are the common allergens in our house right now. You should use air purifiers to make your home healthy and remove these kinds of compounds. Not only this, these air purifiers also eliminate dust mites, volatile organic compounds, and pet dander to save you from many respiratory diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an air purifier makes the air in your house better. It takes away things like pollen that can cause allergies during some seasons.

You feel more allergic at night when you sleep because our bodies don’t make as much of the hormones to fight allergies at night.

The “sleep breathing zone” is the air around where you sleep. If you put an air purifier close to your bed, it can take clean polluted air.

Yes, air purifiers are good at getting rid of things inside your house that cause allergies no matter the season. This helps keep the air clean all the time.

PECO is a special air purifier that works to break down bad pollutants iin the air, like germs, mold, and bad smells, making the air purifiers.

Yes, air purifiers can catch and get rid of pet hair and tiny bugs in your house, which is good for people who get allergies from these.

Yes, the best air purifier with PECO can get rid of mold and bad smells from chemicals, making the air in your house healthier.