Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? Navigating FSA Policies

Your company provides a flexible spending account (FSA) to help you with health care payments. Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? By using your FSA can save money on medical costs, such as air purifiers. An FSA is one of the best ways to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by your regular insurance. It can even get you air purifiers.

The best thing about an FSA account is that your money is withdrawn from your paycheck before taxes. It helps you save a considerable amount of money, allowing you to fund medical co-pays, deductibles, and authorized medical gadgets like air purifiers, crutches, blood sugar test kits, and more. If you don’t have an FSA account, then talk to your HR department and set it up now. 

What Is An (FSA)?

Flexible Spending Accounts help employees cover pre-tax medical benefits that are not added to the standard insurance plan. The amount is deducted directly from your salary before any taxes are assessed.

Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? This is only sometimes the case. Sometimes, it might be concluded, so you should talk to your HR department if it happens. They will give you knowledge about your company’s specific policy. It also covers other medical expenses like:

  1. Doctor-approved medical devices and equipment.
  2. Deductibles
  3. Office co-pays

How to Use FSA Money To Buy Air Purifier

Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? Yes, you can buy an air purifier using FSA Money. Follow this simple process to have an air purifier with FSA money:

Connect with HR

Our first step in giving air purifiers with FSA is to talk to your HR manager, learn about your company policy, and get approved for an FSA reimbursement.

Talk To Your Doctor

The best way to secure your medical purchase is to have your doctor’s verified Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN). If you have asthma, allergies, or any other medical condition, then an air purifier can be a very good way to deal with these diseases.

Purchase An Air Purifier With Your Debit or Credit Card 

It’s important to know that we can’t have medical purchases directly with  FSA or HSA cards. It can only be reimbursed after the initial purchase.

Track All Documents

Lastly, you must keep track of all documentation and submit the necessary forms. These important documents will help you approve your purchase as an FSA reimbursement.

Letter of Medical Necessity contents:

To have an LMN for an air purifier, you need things like:

  • Th the following patient’s name
  • A specific diagnosis or therapy
  • The maximum treatment time is one year.
  • Physician’s signature

Safety precautions

  • Take care of the receipt for the air purifier you bought for yourself.
  • You can claim LMN and air purifiers as FSA expenses with the receipt and your insurance.
  • If you have any questions about this process, you should talk to your company’s HR department.
Safety precautions air purifier

Things to keep in mind

  1. As discussed above, your FSA cards must directly pay for something other than an air purifier.
  2. To buy an air purifier, your FSA account should have enough money.
  3. You also need to file many claims to get covered.
  4. Ask your company HR before claiming it to be sure you’re doing it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

An FSA is a special place to keep your money. You use this money for health costs not covered by insurance. You put money in before the government takes taxes from your pay.

Yes, you can buy an air purifier with FSA money. However, you cannot use the FSA card to buy it directly. You need to pay first, then get the money back.

If breathing is difficult for you because of asthma or allergies, an air purifier can clean your home’s air, making breathing easier.

First, talk to the HR people at work about the FSA rules. Next, your doctor must write a letter saying you need an air purifier for your health.

The letter must have your name, your health problem, why you need an air purifier, how long you need it (no more than a year), and your doctor’s signature.

If you need help, talk to the HR people at work. They can tell you how to use your FSA right.

Bottom Lines

Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? Yes, they are eligible, but you can’t directly pay for them with your FSA car. You will have to talk to your FSA provider and learn about your company’s requirements by talking to your HR department. Once you have a better understanding of all the policies, you are ready to purchase an air purifier with your FSA or insurance company.

You will have to file multiple claims to successfully purchase an air purifier through an FSA account. Our one last advice would be to sit down with your FSA provider and clearly understand what to do to purchase an air purifier through an FSA account. So, Are Air Purifiers FSA Eligible? This might look like a complex process, but when you understand it, it’s a piece of cake.


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