Are Air Purifiers Worth It? Expert Insights and Benefits

Nowadays, air purifiers are a necessity for every home, but are they worth it? Air purifiers clean air to make it healthier for breathing. They remove almost all the harmful bacteria and germs present due to air pollution. Many technologies, like HEPA and HVAC, help air purifiers make the environment healthy. They minimize the risk of any disease that can be caused and spread by air.

All kinds of germs and impurities are present in the air due to pet dust, different machines, smoke, and other smells. Of course, we can’t name each of them, but at some instant, they can be dangerous for your family. Know that the air quality outside your home is safer than indoors. Isn’t it strange that some air pollutants make indoor air quality up to five times higher? So are air purifiers worth the money? Yes, they are in this era, and they are one of the necessities that should be in every home.

Many air purifiers are on the market, but not all are the best homes. So, we need to dig deep before getting any air purifier anywhere. It can be used at home, in stores, or in the workplace. Many people think humidifier air purifiers are worth it, but this is not the case in every home. We need to check on everything before you are ready to buy the best air purifier for your home or any other place.

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Are Air Purifiers Worth It?

Inhaling air that includes germs and impurities like VOCs, spores, mycotoxins, viruses, or bacteria harms human health reactions and can cause many diseases. Then, the question is, are air purifiers worth it? They clean the air quality and kill all the germs and harmful bacteria that are present in the air. Before air enters our lungs, air purifiers already make it clean. 

There is a quotation from Michael Rubino who is the author of The Mold Medic, an Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal that says that: 

‘The average person takes 20,000 breaths per day and spends around 90 percent of their time indoors. What’s in our air matters because it’s one of the greatest routes of exposure we have,’

Our moderns are structured to make it comfortable to move around and give asses to all parts of the home but it doesn’t have net-zero energy efficiency in mind. That means there is a clear fresh air flow from outdoor to indoor. That is, it is important for us to clean the air of contaminants.

For the question, Are Air Purifiers Worth It? A certified indoor environmentalist designated by the American Air Quality Council and the Vice President at AtmosAir Solutions himself said that air purifiers greatly impact the air quality of homes, which is essential for health reactions. He also said that you should constantly your heating and air conditioning to have a healthy lifestyle.

Tony says

‘Air purification improvements in a home’s HVAC system are not only beneficial for health and wellness but also for conserving energy and reducing costs,’

The HEPA filters we use in our air purifiers at home are effective, but if you want the ultimate protection, add bi-polar ionization tubes to your HVAC system. The ions in BPI tubes are proactive; they kill any remaining viruses or germs left by the HEPA air purifier. Many air quality experts advise putting bi-polar ionization tubes as mold spores or any other volatile organic compounds present in the air to cause allergy. 

How do air purifiers work?

Air purifiers are made up of multiple filters, and a fan that sucks in and circulates air. This filters all the air pollution germs and bacteria as the air passes from the filter. The air that comes out of it is clean and healthy to breathe. Filters of air purifiers are made up of fiberglass, paper, or mesh. As it constantly stops air particles and germs from getting dirty, we must also replace them regularly to maintain efficiency.

The regular replacement of filters depends on the purifier type and its usage. Some filters are washable but come with the con as they need close maintenance so it is advised that we should not use them for more effective air quality. But they are also great for stopping big dust particles from the air.

If you want to be more careful and prevent biological impurities like mold spores or bacteria, you should get UV (ultraviolet light) filters. But do remember that some bacteria are UV-resistant.

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Do Air Purifiers Have Any Drawbacks?

Yes, with so many benefits, air purifiers have some drawbacks. Not all air purifiers suit your home, and not all can clean your home’s air. So, you need to have full information before buying any air purifier. Look at the smallest details about each air purifier, like how much of the smallest contaminants it can possibly remove.

As  Michael says.

‘The result is someone spending money on a machine that will not adequately filter the air and, instead, just blows it straight back into the environment,’ 

HEPA status means that an air purifier removes 99.97% of air pollution, which can be as small as 0.3 microns. Even more beneficial is that your air purifier takes contaminants like gases while cleaning the air. 

Are air purifiers good for your health?

Are air purifiers good for your health?

Of course, air purifiers are good for your health. If you select an air purifier that is best for your condition, it will give you many health benefits and help you prevent many diseases and problems before they occur.

The air pollution in our houses is made up of microparticles, and they can be inhaled without us noticing. These particles enter our mouths, reach our lungs, and then enter our bloodstream. If only the air particles were bigger or contained bacteria, they could harm our health. This means that every time you breathe, you take some harmful bacteria into your lungs, and we already know that the average person takes 20,000 breaths per day.

So, are air purifiers worth it? Yes, they have a great impact on our health. Air purifiers work as a powerhouse of your health cleaning all air pollution and preventing diseases before they arise. The better the air quality, the better the health benefits you have. Air purifiers are surely worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, air purifiers are worth it for improving indoor air quality, and reducing pollutants, bacteria, and germs, which are beneficial for health.

No, air purifiers do not change the temperature of a room. They clean the air without heating or cooling it.

Some air purifiers with HEPA filters or UV technology can reduce the presence of viruses in the air, but they cannot eliminate all viruses completely.

Yes, HEPA air purifiers are worth it. They can remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, such as dust, pollen, and some microbes.

The cost of the replacement depends on the air purifier model and usage, but generally, filters should be replaced every 3-6 months. It would cost $50$.


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