Getting Rid of Mold and Stopping It

Mold can cause asthma and allergies and damage your skin. Learn how to spot, tackle, and stop dangerous mold and fungus in your house.

How can I tell if I have mold at home?​

How can I tell if I have mold at home?

Mold and fungi are everywhere, but you don’t have to put up with mold in your house. Does it smell musty? Do you see something yucky and strange growing on your bathroom wall? Are some rooms always damp without fresh air? It seems like you might have mold. Don’t worry: You can fix it.

How do I ensure my home's air stays fresh if I have mold?

Advanced air purifiers use PECO technology, which is good at eliminating mold. Other filters catch particles but PECO technology uses light to start a reaction that breaks down mold particles. It’s a pretty cool method of improving your home air quality. They help reduce the chances of mold growing and stop mold from growing on the air cleaner itself, which can happen with some purifiers, unfortunately.

How do I ensure my home's air stays fresh if I have mold?​
Can I handle mold removal by myself?​

Can I handle mold removal by myself?

Yes, you can. The EPA says if the mold spreads for less than ten square feet, you can deal with it by yourself. When cleaning mold from buildings, you need to carefully examine the details about the mold—what it’s made of, where it’s growing, and how well the area is ventilated. Keep in mind, that mold sends spores into the air. So, it’s really important to ensure the area has good airflow and it’s best to use an air purifier.

How do I decide to call an expert for mold?

First, relax, but don’t breathe in too deeply if you’re near mold! There are specific situations where you need to get a professional for advice and treatment on mold. So when should I go for experts? You should call for an expert when buying a new house, or moving into an empty house. Check for it at homes that are affected by leaks or floods, or if you want to keep up with the mold cleaning you’ve done before.

How do I decide to call an expert for mold?​

Yes, mold can lead to breathing problems, allergies, and skin issues.

Look for a musty smell, weird spots on walls, and very damp rooms.

Yes, if the mold covers a small area, you can clean it. Ensure the room has fresh air, and consider using a machine that cleans the air.

Use air cleaners with PECO technology. This technology doesn’t just catch mold particles like old filters. It uses light to break them down, improving the air and stopping mold from growing on the cleaner.

Get help if you are moving into a new place after a lot of water has leaked, or if you need to keep mold away after cleaning it.